Speaker: Josh Yasuda

Who indeed has the power to save? This passage takes us on a journey to uncover the answer to this vital question, introducing us to different groups who represent where...



1 Samuel 11

Waiting is one of the most difficult realities we all face. None of us enjoy feeling stuck in limbo, unsure of when or how something precious to us will be...


2 Samuel 2-3, 2 Samuel 5

Following Jesus comes with challenges. But within those challenges lies a secret – the secret of finding joy in tribulation, truth in darkness, and victory in defeat. Jesus knew his...


John 16:16-33

The words of Jesus can be disruptive – upending our comfortable lives and calling us to die to ourselves. But if we have eyes to see, we will behold the...


John 12:20-26

The promise of Christ’s return should fill us with hope and compel us to reevaluate how we are living our lives today. Are we truly reflecting our identity as beloved...


1 John 3:1-4, Romans 8:17

There are moments in life when we struggle with doubt, confusion, and despair. We face our own brokenness and shortcomings, and wonder if God still has a purpose for us....


Isaiah 48:1-11, Isaiah 49:1-6, Exodus 33:6, Exodus 34:6