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Zechariah and Elizabeth

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Waiting—it is inevitable in life. Whether waiting in line, waiting for opportunities, or waiting on unanswered prayers, seasons of silence test our faith. For one faithful couple, Zachariah and Elizabeth, decades of waiting culminated in a surprising divine encounter that upended their expectations. Though initially responding with doubt, Zachariah would come to renew his awe of God’s unmatched faithfulness. Their story offers us hope as we navigate our own seasons of waiting.

Much like this couple, when life fails to align with our plans, we have a choice—do we doubt or trust that God remains true to His promises? Zachariah and Elizabeth model for us faithful living amid delay through their steadfast service, obedience despite unanswered pleas, and ultimate glorification of the God who sees and acts. We too can discover purpose in the waiting as we remember what God has done and anticipate what He will yet do. Our circumstances may change, but our Anchor remains steady through every storm.

  1. Zachariah and Elizabeth were righteous and blameless before God, but struggled with infertility and advanced age.
  2. An angel appeared to Zachariah and told him Elizabeth would bear a son named John, who would prepare the way for the Lord.
  3. Zachariah doubted and questioned the angel, so he was made mute until the prophecy was fulfilled.
  4. Elizabeth gave birth to John as foretold, Zachariah’s speech was restored, and he praised God.
  5. The story shows God’s faithfulness in the past giving Zachariah and Elizabeth reason to trust Him despite difficult circumstances.
  6. Similarly, we can trust God’s promises about the future even when we face seasons of silence and waiting. His character and faithfulness never change.

Like Zachariah, when seasons of silence descend, we often respond with doubt, questioning God’s faithfulness. However, when we reflect on the unchanging nature of God, we find an anchor for our souls. Regardless of what storms may come, He remains steady and true.

What might it look like for us to have the obedient faith of an Elizabeth? To trust in God’s promises even while we wait for their fulfillment? As the prophet Isaiah declared, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” Rather than allow silence to breed disbelief, we can let seasons of waiting deepen our reliance on an eternal God who has demonstrated His faithfulness time and again throughout history.

We serve a God who hears the cries of our heart, who sees the depths of our despair, and who intervenes with healing and hope. As Zachariah discovered, the God who promises is the same God who provides, as He acts out of His abundant compassion. When we fix our eyes on the faithfulness of our Father, we find purpose and perseverance for the journey ahead.

Rather than allow the chaos to breed cynicism, what if we let our trials birth praise? As Zachariah models, encountering God leads us to worship. Our frustration fades into freedom when we lift our voices to magnify the mercy of our mighty and compassionate King. Simply put: He is worthy of our wonder today.


Luke 1:5-25

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