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Becoming Who You Are

Your True Tribe

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Overcoming division and finding unity in diversity will be one of the greatest challenges of our age. Tribalism is on the rise as more and more people identify with groups based on perspectives, preferences, and opinions. But Jesus came not to reinforce our divisions, but to tear down the walls that separate us.

As followers of Christ, we have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to demonstrate a better way.

The key is to remember our truest identity: those who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ.

When we put our faith in Jesus and what he has done for us through his sacrifice, that transcends all the things that threaten to divide us. Jesus tore down the wall of hostility between us so that we could be united as one people.

As we will explore, overcoming division starts with surrendering our instincts toward tribalism and prideful insistence on our own opinions. It requires sacrificing for the sake of unity. But nothing we sacrifice can compare to what Jesus gave so that the church could be one.

  1. Our identity and who we identify with shapes much of our lives. We often identify ourselves based on our job, struggles, passions, and perspectives. These identities give us a “tribe” or community.
  2. But tribes can become tribalism when we focus more on who is not in our group than who is. This leads to division, hostility, and walls being built between groups.
  3. Jesus came to tear down the walls between people and make us one. Yet division still existed in the early church, with circumcised and uncircumcised groups forming.
  4. We should not make our personal opinions and perspectives a test of relationships. We should avoid insisting on our way in disputable matters that are not clearly addressed in Scripture.
  5. Our unity in the church comes from what Jesus has done for us through his blood, not from having the same backgrounds or agreeing on everything. Jesus tore down the wall of hostility between us.
  6. In heaven, there will still be different tribes and peoples, but what unites us is declaring that our salvation comes from God through Jesus Christ.
  7. As the church, we should be reconcilers and unite people to God and to one another, not build walls of division. Jesus sacrificed much to make the church one, and we are called to sacrifice for that unity as well.

When we truly understand the lengths Jesus went to in order to unite us – giving up his own life on the cross – it should inspire us with a renewed sense of purpose. Our differences of opinion can be set aside for the greater cause of demonstrating a oneness in Christ that the world so desperately needs to see.

Will this be easy? No. But nothing of eternal significance ever is. When we sacrifice our preferences for the sake of unity, we join in the reconciliation Jesus accomplished. So let us move forward humbly, with grace, working to build bridges rather than walls. Let our identity as brothers and sisters in Christ supersede all else. And through our unity, may the world come to know the Amazing Grace that has made us one.


Ephesians 2:14

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