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You are invited to look back at Acts 1 and 2 to remember God’s promises and purposes. God promised to never leave you and that Jesus is coming back. The power of the Holy Spirit enables you to fulfill your purpose of being witnesses for Christ.

Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost provides key lessons for you.

  • You must see Jesus as both savior and Lord.
  • You must own your role in crucifying Jesus through your sins.
  • You must repent and turn to God.
  • You must declare your belonging to Jesus through baptism.

Baptism is an outward sign of what has happened inwardly – it represents salvation, not causes it.

Accept Christ, be baptized, or join the church. Those online can share their decision with online ministers. The speaker prays for all making decisions and asks the congregation to pray for others making decisions. You are invited to experience the baptisms being conducted.

By looking back at the early church, you are reminded of God’s promises, the Holy Spirit’s power, your purpose, and what it means to follow Jesus. Make a decision to either accept Christ, be baptized as a public declaration of faith, or join a local church. God is working and inviting people to follow Him.


Acts 1:8, Acts 2:1-4, Acts 2:37-38, Romans 3:23, Romans 5:8, Romans 10:9-10

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