Why We’re Not Afraid

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Do you ever find yourself weighed down by fear and worry? Perhaps anxiety over your future, your past mistakes, or the things completely out of your control. The world around us feels broken and unpredictable at times, and it’s easy to give in to fear. But God’s Word calls us today to remember that we serve a God who acts powerfully in history to redeem and transform hearts.

A God who promises to be with us through every storm. When we place our hope in Him, fear loses its power over us. Today we will explore how God moves mightily in the lives of His people, forming them and freeing them from captivity to fear.

We Fear Not

God tells His people repeatedly in the passage “fear not” and provides reassurance and comfort. The basis for not fearing is God’s acts of redemption.

The Lord Acts In History

God acted powerfully in history to deliver the Israelites from captivity in Babylon, and He promises to act again through a “new Exodus.” His acts of redemption are historical events, not just ideas.

God Forms and Redeems His People

God promises to pour out His Spirit, refresh them, and blot out their sins. He works to redeem them and claim them as His own.

The Response Is Praise

Because of God’s redemptive acts in history, His people respond with singing and declaring His praise. Their worship comes from a place of gratitude for what God has done.

The good news today is that the same God who rescued His people long ago desires to rescue you. His redemptive power is not limited to the past- He promises to be with you right now, to pour out His Spirit and transform your heart if you call upon Him.

Will you surrender your fears to Him today? Will you trust His promise that He has redeemed you, that He is for you and not against you? Though storms may rage all around, God calls you beloved. Though uncertainties remain, God promises never to leave you or forsake you. He has overcome the world.

Place your hope in the One who acts powerfully in history. The One who promises to form you into the likeness of His Son.


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