Why Jesus Is Worth Everything

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What would it take for you to consider someone or something so valuable, so profoundly important, that you would stake your entire life and future on it – no matter what struggles or hardships arose? For many of us, nothing in this world offers such certainty or promise. Yet according to the Apostle Paul, there is one who deserves all our devotion and trust – Jesus Christ.

In today’s passage, Paul lifts high the magnificent glory of Jesus to reveal why He truly is worth everything.

  1. Jesus is God made visible. He is the image of the invisible God and in Him dwells the fullness of God. He is not just similar to God, He is God.
  2. Jesus is therefore ranked number one over everything. He is the firstborn over all creation, meaning He is supreme and highest ranked, forever.
  3. Jesus is the creator of all things. By Him all things were created, both in heaven and on earth. He created everything.
  4. Jesus is the linchpin of all things. He sustains the universe by His power. All things hold together in Him.
  5. Jesus is the head of the church. The church is the sign of the new creation Jesus is bringing. We must stay connected to Him as the head.
  6. Jesus is the founder of a new creation. He initiates and is supreme over the new creation He is bringing.
  7. Jesus is the reconciler of the world. Through His death on the cross, He reconciles all things to Himself and reconciles us to God, making us holy and blameless.

Jesus – God made visible, yet ranklessly compassionate through His death on a cross. The creator and sustainer of all, yet willing to reconcile us – the broken created – to himself. He is the linchpin of all things, both the head of the Church and the architect of a glorious new creation. Because of who Jesus is – infinitely wise, holy and powerful – and because of what He has done through His sacrificial love, He truly is worthy of everything we have to give. Will you stake your life upon Jesus Christ today? Will you choose to grab hold of Him – the only one who can give meaning, purpose and hope beyond this fleeting world – and refuse to let go? I pray you will, for in Him and Him alone you will find a love that never ends and a life that triumphs over death.


Colossians 1:15-23

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