Why Do We Feel Shame?

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Our triggers lead to shame and anger — the gospel can provide healing. Shame often stems from past hurts, unmet expectations, and feelings of unworthiness.

  • Shame hides behind our standards and self-evaluations and creates triggers that lead to problematic emotions. Anger is often a secondary emotion that stems from underlying shame.
  • The story of Joseph and his brothers illustrates how favoritism and shame led the brothers to anger and wanting to kill Joseph. Their reaction showed they felt unworthy.
  • Shame can be healed by identifying the lies we believe, confronting those lies with truth, and replacing the lies with God’s truth. The gospel solves our shame by allowing us to be forgiven as Jesus was.

In conclusion, when we understand fully the grace we have been given through Christ’s sacrifice, the shame we carry can be released. The gospel provides truth that will set us free from believing lies about ourselves and our worth.

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