Why Are We Angry?

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Anger is a common overreaction that can damage relationships. Looking beneath the surface of anger can reveal underlying causes and what we can do to productively channel anger.

Key Points From This Sermon

  • Anger often forms early from provocations by parents and authority figures. It becomes an automatic reaction.
  • Anger is usually a secondary emotion triggered by something like frustration, fear, or disappointment. There are often false beliefs that fuel anger.
  • When angry, we should hit the “pause button” by taking a deep breath and praying. Resolving anger quickly and not giving the devil a foothold through unresolved anger are both important.
  • Jesus came not to destroy lives but to save them, even those with anger issues. His forgiveness is greater than our regrets.

Be curious about yourself when anger arises. Ask what your reaction teaches you about yourself. Identifying false beliefs and replacing them with truth is key to overcoming anger issues and transforming those trigger-happy reactions. With Jesus’ help, long-term change is possible.


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