Who’s the Boss

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How many times have you found yourself rebelling against authority? Maybe an unreasonable demand from your boss, a rule from your parents you found unjust, or a commandment from God you were tempted to dismiss.

But what if obedience to authority connects you to God himself, while rebellion actually distances you from him? What if submitting to imperfect humans is the key to true freedom under God’s perfect authority?

This counterintuitive principle reveals a spiritual illusion Satan uses to tempt us into disobedience.

  1. We tend to evaluate commands or rules based on what is being asked of us (“the what”), rather than focusing on the authority issuing the command (“the who”). This can lead us to reject rules we don’t like.
  2. The Bible teaches that all authority ultimately comes from God. Even ungodly rulers and authorities are placed in their positions by God.
  3. Rebelling against authority figures is ultimately rebelling against God, who works through human authorities. Submitting to authority connects us to God.
  4. We should question and speak up against authorities when needed, but we should never fully rebel against them. Rebeling causes us to lose focus on “the who” behind the authority.
  5. The freest we can be is under the authority of God. When we come under his complete authority, we feel truly connected to him.

Authority from God, whether direct or through others, shapes you into the person he desires you to become. Fighting it only delays your freedom.

Accept rules you don’t understand, submit to leaders who may not deserve it, and trust God’s plan for you. Your obedience opens doors for him to work, while rebellion chains you to your own pride. If you feel disconnected from God, reexamine where you have rebelled. Apologize, seek forgiveness, and commit to obeying, however imperfectly, the authorities he has placed over you.

True freedom begins by surrendering to God’s perfect authority, expressed imperfectly through human vessels. Only then can you be molded into the image of his Son.


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