Who Can Save?

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Who indeed has the power to save? This passage takes us on a journey to uncover the answer to this vital question, introducing us to different groups who represent where we often find ourselves – ignorant of God’s capabilities, relying only on our own strength, or fully trusting in the one true Savior.

By exploring the people of Jabesh Gilead facing distress, King Saul called to demonstrate he can protect God’s people, and God working salvation throughout, we will discover the only one able to deliver us from all trouble is the Lord.

  1. The people of Jabesh Gilead are ignorant of God’s ability to save them from their enemies.
  2. King Saul is called to save God’s people from their enemies, though he is empowered by God to do so.
  3. God is the one who ultimately works salvation for the people.

As we reflect on God’s mighty acts of salvation throughout history and especially at Calvary, may we never forget that he alone wields the power to rescue. When facing distress, instead of relying on our own understanding, let us cry out to the Savior who stands ready to help. And through trusting fully in Christ, who conquered sin and death once for all, we can have confidence that no matter the struggles of this life, ultimate victory is assured because of what he accomplished on our behalf.

Now empowered by the Spirit, let us go forth to proclaim the good news that the God who saves is Lord of all!


1 Samuel 11

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