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The Land Between

When Fear Kicks In

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Fear tests your response. You can react in three ways: flight, fight, or faith. Faith means trusting in God’s presence, plan, and purposes, even in difficult times. When fear hits, you can face it with faith by remembering:

Key Point 1: God is Present

Like Elijah, you can learn in hard times that God is with you. He provides rest, strength, and help. Fearful situations are opportunities to express your fears to God and hear his voice.

Key Point 2: God Has a Plan

God’s plan is bigger and better than yours. His plan goes beyond your circumstances to save others. His role for you may be bigger than you realize. His story includes you playing a part.

Key Point 3: God Can Use It For Good

Through Jesus, God showed he can use the most fearful situation for good. If you have faith in Christ, God can use any difficulty for good and his plan. God strengthens and shapes you through hard times.

Face fear with faith in God’s power, purpose, and presence. Bring your fears to him. Though suffering continues, God is at work for your ultimate good and his glory. Trust him.


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