What’s Happening Outside My Window

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Are you tired of the status quo? Are you ready for something more? As the winds of change blow through the world around us, a divine disruption is coming to City Central Church that will shake us to the core. In this powerful message, a prophetic voice thunders a rallying cry awaken us from our slumber and charge us into battles we’ve been avoiding.

Through piercing insight and experiences only God could reveal, we are given a strategic game plan to push past our limitations, mobilize for spiritual warfare, and stake our claim on the future. Get ready as the environments are torn open and a new supernatural vision is released that will alter destinies and transform this church forever. The time for business as usual has ended – it’s time to take hold of radical faith, pray prayers that shift nations, and fight with abandon to protect the next generation. Something massive is about to be unleashed…

  • Prayer is emphasized as crucial, including praying strategic, simple prayers and praying for breakthroughs.
  • Supernatural vision and discernment from God are needed to see in new dimensions.
  • Faith in God’s provision and victory over enemies through spiritual warfare is encouraged.
  • Investing in the youth leaders and protecting the next generation is a clear emphasis.

The choice before you is clear. Will you clutch onto comfort and familiarity while the enemy gains ground, or will you answer the call to extreme measures of faith and make sacrifices that secure blessings for generations to come? Real change occurs at the point of deepest surrender, when we lay down our own agendas and allow God’s fire to purge away everything that is not of Him.

My prayer is that the seeds sown here today would take root in your heart and compel you into a lifestyle of strategic prayer, supernatural vision, and radical action that fights for our youth. May this be just the beginning – the best is yet to come for City Central Church as they step into all God has planned. Will you join in this divine disruption and allow God to use you to ignite revival? The time to decide is now.


Acts 1:8, Matthew 28:19-20, Habakkuk 2:1-3, 1 Corinthians 16:13, Hebrews 12:1-3

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