What You Know Trumps What You Feel

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In uncertain times, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by feelings of weakness, evil in the world, and lack of security. Our emotions scream that we’re not making progress, that darkness is winning, and that the foundations are crumbling. But what we know trumps what we feel. Though our feelings argue otherwise, God’s Word shouts louder with transforming truth. We must lean into what God says, not how we feel.

As we’ll see, Scripture affirms that sanctification marches on, God remains our source, and our salvation in Christ is genuine. Feelings of being overwhelmed, powerless, and unsettled do not reflect reality. Despite tumultuous feelings, unchanging spiritual truths anchor our lives.

  1. We feel overwhelmed by weakness, but we know that sanctification is happening – God is at work transforming us into the image of Christ, even though it is a gradual process.
  2. We feel powerless in an evil world, but we know God is our source – Our citizenship is in heaven, not on this dark earth which lies in the power of the evil one.
  3. We feel unsettled by uncertainty, but we know our security in Christ is real – Jesus is the true God who gives eternal life, and we are “in Him.” He will not let us go.
  4. We must keep ourselves from idols and hold fast to Christ alone – He is the only true source of security and life. False gods always fail, but God can be trusted.

Our feelings make forceful arguments, but God’s facts overcome them. Despite overwhelming weakness, God sanctifies. Against evil’s sway, God remains our source. Above uncertainty, Christ gives security.

May truth drown out lies, light overcome darkness, and spiritual reality define our lives over passing feelings. In disorienting days, fix your hearts and minds on what is eternally sure – the faithful God who saves. He authors your sanctification, anchors your life, and secures your eternity in Christ.

Weakness, evil, and uncertainty will one day vanish. But God’s transforming work, goodness, and salvation endure forever. Stand confidently upon spiritual truth that transcends fleeting emotions. Keep yourselves from idols and hold fast to the only true God, our eternal refuge and strength.


1 John 5

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