What Is The Gospel?

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Drifting away from one’s spiritual roots can occur subtly over time. To combat drift, we must pray daily for spiritual maturity and growth, placing our hope in heaven rather than on earth.

  • Prayer is crucial. Paul’s letters show his commitment to praying continually for the Christians in Colossae who were experiencing drift. We too must dedicate ourselves to prayer for spiritual growth.
  • Our hope must be in heaven. The Colossians held on to the “confident hope of what God has reserved for [them] in heaven,” which empowered their love for others. Our identity as God’s children fuels how we face life’s challenges.
  • The gospel reminds us we have been freed from sin through Jesus’s death and resurrection. The Holy Spirit now lives within us, empowering us for God’s purposes.

Drift creeps in subtly, but through prayer that grounds us in the gospel – reminding us of our identity, purpose and heavenly hope – we can remain rooted in Jesus Christ. Let’s dedicate ourselves afresh to seeking God diligently through prayer for spiritual growth and maturity.


Ephesians 1:4, Colossians 1:3-14, Ephesians 2

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