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Romans 3-8

What Do We Do With Our Sin?

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Sin is a constant struggle, even for Christians who believe in Christ’s victory over sin and death. Our daily experience often feels far from victorious, as we battle weakness, disappointment, and failure. However, there is hope for growth, wholeness, and joy through our union with Christ. By recognizing this union and living according to our new identity in Him, we can find strength to fight sin and extend the beauty of the Gospel to the world.

  1. Sin is the root of our sorrow, disappointment, and weakness, infecting every human heart since Adam and Eve.
  2. Christians can have hope for change and victory over sin by recognizing their union with Christ and living as if it’s true.
  3. Through faith in Christ, believers are united with Him in His death and resurrection, creating a new identity secure in God.
  4. Union with Christ means His past is our past, His future is our future, and we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Him.
  5. Being dead to sin doesn’t mean sin has no influence, but that its dominion has been broken, and we are free to resist it.
  6. Christians must consider themselves dead to sin and alive to God, living out their new identity even when feelings and experiences contradict it.
  7. Obedience is fueled by grace and the gift of salvation in Christ, not guilt, shame, or self-righteousness.

The Gospel offers hope for victory over sin through union with Christ. By recognizing our new identity in Him and living according to this truth, we can find strength to fight sin’s influence and experience growth, wholeness, and joy. This good news extends to all who confess their sin and submit to Christ as Lord. In Him, we are no longer slaves to disappointment but can walk in newness of life, holding out this hope to a world in need.


Romans 6:1-14

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