We Want A King

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The quest for power often leads nations astray from God’s intentions. What starts as a desire for competent leadership can transform into an obsession with being like other countries, forgetting one’s distinct purpose.

This tendency toward worldly imitation is what the elders of Israel fall into, displeasing Samuel as they ask not just for a king but specifically “a king to judge us like all the nations.” Their request betrays a drifting from their high calling to be a light to the world as God’s chosen people. This passage serves as a foreboding warning of what can happen when a nation prioritizes appearing strong over remaining faithful.

  1. Samuel becomes old and appoints his sons as judges over Israel, but they do not walk in Samuel’s ways and turn aside after gain.
  2. The elders of Israel gather and ask Samuel to appoint a king to judge them like all the nations.
  3. God tells Samuel to listen to the people and give them a king, but warn them what a king will require of them.

God’s granting of what the people want, though ultimately for their judgment, reveals his sovereignty even over misguided desires. While earthly rulers will inevitably fail and nations rise and fall, God’s kingdom eternal endures.

May we learn from Israel’s mistakes not to overly invest in temporary political solutions or seek our identity in being like other lands. Instead, amidst anyleader’s shortcomings, let us fix our hope firmly on God as our one true King and the sure foundation of our lives.



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