Washing Feet

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Walking humbly in Jesus’ footsteps requires more than simply believing in him; it demands imitating his sacrificial love and humble service. This sermon examines what that truly means by exploring how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, revealing profound truths about discipleship that can transform our lives.

  1. To be a disciple means you are loved all the way by Jesus, from the beginning to the end. The text focuses on how Jesus loved his disciples “to the end” and John recalls how Jesus loved them.
  2. A disciple must let Jesus serve them, receive His grace, and not try to earn it through effort. The text discusses how Peter at first refuses to let Jesus wash his feet, but Jesus says he must in order to have a share with him. Grace cannot be earned or deserved.
  3. Disciples are called to imitate Jesus’ humility by serving others humbly, even our enemies. Jesus gives the example of washing Judas’ feet despite knowing Judas would betray him. The text discusses how hard it is to serve and love others humbly, especially enemies.
  4. We can imitate Jesus by remembering our secure identity as God’s beloved children. The text points out that Jesus was able to serve humbly because he knew who he was – that he came from God and was going back to God. He drew strength from his identity.

Imitating Jesus’ humble service begins with receiving his unconditional love and grace, not by trying to earn it. But truly following him requires serving others – even our enemies – with the same humble love. Though difficult, we can imitate Jesus’ selfless example when we remember our secure identity as God’s beloved children – an identity Jesus modeled and drew strength from.

May his gift of grace and truth empower us to walk in his footsteps, loving and serving others as he served us.


John 13:1-20

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