Walking With Jesus

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In his quest for significance, young John discovered a transformative friendship with Jesus. Our sermon vividly captures John’s journey from a zealous disciple to a beacon of love, showing how his intense connection with Jesus unearthed profound revelations about the Father’s unconditional love for us. Embracing this love, he not only experienced personal transformation, but also learned that failure need not be fatal, and that joy is found in the presence of the divine. John’s tale serves as a powerful testimony that true metamorphosis unfolds through walking intimately with the One who loves us profoundly more than we can fathom.

  • John was an all-or-nothing type with initially misdirected passion, seeking glory for himself.
  • Failure was not fatal for John; Jesus transformed his mistakes into opportunities for growth.
  • John found true joy through his real friendship and intimacy with Jesus that shaped his priorities and identity.

John’s transformed life presents a clear testament to the transformational power of experiencing God’s love personally. This in-depth understanding awakens a change within us that cannot be sparked solely by willpower or motivation; it’s a divine transformation stemming from a profound bond with Jesus. Becoming the mirror of the heavenly Father’s love, John’s fiery passion was recalibrated, his identity evolved from being just a ‘Son of Thunder’ to the ‘Beloved Disciple.’ As you enter into the silence of this week, I invite you to meet Jesus in sincere prayer, open your heart to His love revealed through Christ’s grace. Witness the divine shift from complying with rules to simply embodying God’s truth as His beloved child. As this transcendent love takes root, you too, like John, will find a joy so deeply anchored that the world cannot steal it away.


Matthew 4:21-22, Mark 3:17, Luke 9, John 13:25, John 19:25-27

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