Walk With the Spirit

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Are you struggling to understand the mysteries of God or make wise decisions? Learn how directly encountering the Spirit of Truth can transform your life through revelation, discernment and renewing your mind. Walking intimately with the Holy Spirit will unlock supernatural insights from Scripture and expose the lies keeping you bound, setting you free to fulfill your divine destiny.

  • A healthy church learns to walk with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit orchestrates conversion, reveals and searches hearts/minds, dwells in believers, and gives supernatural discernment.
  • Specifically, the Holy Spirit orchestrates conversion by pointing people to Jesus and leading them to salvation through the power of God, not human wisdom alone.
  • The Holy Spirit reveals “secret and hidden wisdom from God” through searching hearts and minds, revealing both spiritual truths and God’s perspective.
  • Believers have received the Holy Spirit and no longer have the “spirit of this world,” but the Spirit of God dwelling within them to help them understand spiritual things.
  • Supernatural discernment from the Holy Spirit allows believers to understand spiritual truths, identify false teachings, and expose lies and deception. Believers have been given the “mind of Christ.”

The Holy Spirit wants to guide you into all truth and give you power to overcome. Determine to let go of old mindsets, assume the mind of Christ through spiritual renewal, and surrender fully to God’s guidance. As you pursue intimacy with the Spirit, He will revolutionize your perspective and grant unprecedented freedom. No longer conformed to this world’s ways, you will walk in the joy, wisdom and power only available through abiding in the presence of the Spirit of God. Discover today how to fully access all He longs to bring – your best days are ahead!


1 Corinthians 2:1-16

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