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Countercultural Covictions


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Have you ever been so absorbed in your own concerns and desires that you failed to notice someone in desperate need right in front of you? Perhaps a neighbor struggling without work, a homeless person asking for spare change, or a child without parents longing for connection.

We can become so focused on our own lives that we overlook those in painful circumstances who need our compassion and help. Yet God sees the vulnerable. His heart aches for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the oppressed. And he calls his people to open our eyes, soften our hearts, and love the least among us as he does.

  1. God has a heart for the vulnerable and overlooked. The Bible repeatedly emphasizes God’s care for the poor, widow, orphan, and foreigners.
  2. Caring for the vulnerable is a high priority in the Bible. God calls his people to pursue justice and righteousness toward the vulnerable.
  3. We are called to love the least, last and lost like God does. God unashamedly identifies with the poor, and we should have the same compassion.
  4. Our motivation should be grace, not guilt or obligation. We love the vulnerable because God first loved us when we were poor and in need of grace.
  5. There are opportunities for Redemption Gateway Church to get more involved in serving and building relationships with the vulnerable. Volunteers and financial support are always needed.
  6. We are not saved by loving the poor, but by grace. Our love for the vulnerable should flow from the grace we have received from God.

God calls each of us, with our unique talents and resources, to play a part in sharing his compassion for the vulnerable. Will you open your eyes today to see those in need around you? Will you open your heart to feel God’s love and urgency for the poor, the widow, the orphan? Will you open your hands to give, your time to serve, your voice to speak up for the overlooked and oppressed? When we do, we reflect the grace we have received from a Savior who saw us in our need and chose to love us.

May that grace transform how we love and serve the vulnerable – so that together we can extend the reach of God’s kingdom of justice, compassion and abundance for all.

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