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Intimate Encounters


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Vulnerability is important to forging deep intimacy in relationships. Most people struggle with insecure attachment that inhibits vulnerability, but with acceptance, commitment, and the security found in Christ, we can choose to risk vulnerability for the sake of authentic human connection.

  • Most adults struggle with insecure attachment that restricts their ability to be vulnerable, which inhibits true intimacy. Our culture focuses on attraction, not attachment.
  • Vulnerability requires acceptance, where we are known fully and still accepted. This creates psychological safety over time.
  • Commitment is needed for security, where we promise not to “jump off the seesaw”, providing a clarity that one will not leave the relationship.
  • Christ’s sacrifice models vulnerability, where he gave himself fully to forge intimacy with us. Our security in him enables us to risk vulnerability.

The ability to be vulnerable, though difficult, allows us to experience the deepest human connection that reflects God’s design for our lives. May we find the security and courage in Christ to lay aside our hesitancy and avoidance, and choose to risk vulnerability for the sake of intimacy with one another.


1 Corinthians 7:3-5, Genesis 2:18

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