Vegan Clothes & Forgiven Loans

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What if everything you’ve been told about getting right with God is wrong? What if your efforts to be a good person have actually been getting in the way of true faith? This was the shocking message Paul gave to the church in Colossae.

For centuries, God’s people had followed religious rules and rituals, thinking they were drawing near to God. But Paul revealed that their man-made traditions were fruitless and false. The only way to be made right with God was to fully trust in Christ’s finished work on the cross—not their own “good deeds.” Paul warned the Colossians against false teaching that entangled them in human rules. He proclaimed that resting in Christ’s sacrifice is the only path to forgiveness and new life.

Paul’s message turns religion upside down, showing that our work is worthless, but God’s grace is everything.

  • Christians tend to feel the need to “help” God save them, by doing good works or following rules. But Paul says this actually undermines God’s grace. Christians should just receive Christ and trust in his finished work.
  • This human tendency to earn salvation goes all the way back to Adam and Eve making fig leaf clothes to cover themselves. It’s an instinct to cover up and hide from God, rather than receive his grace.
  • The old covenant laws and ceremonies were shadows pointing to Christ, but now that Christ has come, we don’t need to follow those laws to be saved.
  • Through faith in Christ, believers have been spiritually circumcised in their hearts. They have been forgiven all their debts and sins, which were nailed to the cross. There are no surprise bills or debts left.
  • Christians were made alive together as one body. They were resurrected together through faith in Christ.

Brothers and sisters, it’s time to stop trying to save ourselves. No amount of rule-following can erase our sin, earn God’s favor, or give us new life.

Why carry the burden of religious regulations that Jesus already fulfilled? We must lay down the fig leaves we use to cover up our shame. We can’t add anything to Jesus’ perfect sacrifice that fully paid our debt on the cross. When we trust in Christ alone, we find true rest for our souls. His resurrection power that raised Jesus can raise us too—together as one people, no longer dead but alive in him. Don’t miss out on the joy of God’s free grace.

Turn from false teaching and be transformed by the truth of the gospel. Choose to rest in what Jesus has already done.


Colossians 2:6-23

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