Truth We Can Touch

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What does it truly mean to experience the hope of Christmas? For many, this season has become about shallow positivity and distraction from life’s difficulties. But the story of Jesus’ incarnation calls us to a much deeper, more radical hope. When the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, God revealed startling truths about our humanity and called us to a vulnerable, unprotected love.

This Advent, we will explore how Christ’s bodily reality upends our usual ways of Avoiding pain and reminds us that true hope is found not through escape but by embracing life as it really is – with all its joys and inevitable sorrows. If we have the courage to face our deepest fears and insecurities in the light of Jesus’ coming, we will discover a profound peace and purpose that this world cannot take away.

  • Jesus was born as a real human, with a real body and real senses. This shows that bodies and physicality matter.
  • Jesus was born in a specific time and place. This shows that history and presence matter.
  • Jesus had limits by being confined to a body. This shows that limits matter.
  • Jesus was vulnerable and able to be wounded. This shows that vulnerability is the way of love.
  • We often avoid vulnerability through medication, minimization, mediation/distance, manic activity, and tribalism.
  • We should lean into vulnerability by trying, tracing our triggers, pursuing growth, trusting Jesus, and touching the truth through communion, baptism, and fellowship.
  • The hope of Christmas is that Jesus came and is coming again to make all things right, so we can embrace pain and love boldly.

This Christmas, dare to step into the unknown with Christ by your side. Lean into your weaknesses instead of hiding from them. Choose love over safety, and let your walls come down. When difficulties arise, remember that Jesus understands every human hurt, having borne them all himself. And when darkness seems deepest, fix your eyes on his promised return to make all things new.

This season, do not settle for surface-level positivity or temporary distractions from life’s hard truths. Root your hope in something eternal – in a God who loves you so much that he took on human flesh and showed us that to live is to love without reservation, even if it leads to anguish. This is the kind of hope that can sustain us through any trial. This is the kind of love that changes lives and changes the world. Go in peace, and go in hope.


Hebrews 2:17-18

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