Three Lies & The Truth

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We must overcome the common lies we tell ourselves and embrace the truth of walking in God’s light. 1 John was written by the Apostle John later in life after experiencing much trauma and loss.

Three common lies people tell themselves:

  1. The lie of posturing – saying you have a relationship with God while walking in darkness. The pastor compares this to someone claiming they will play in the NFL but not actually taking any steps toward that goal.
  2. The lie of minimizing – downplaying or dismissing your sin by saying things like “everyone does it” or “it’s not that bad”. This self-deception prevents us from seeing our own sin clearly.
  3. The lie of arrival – acting like your spiritual life is perfect now and you have no need for forgiveness or grace. A lack of confessing sin is a claim of spiritual perfection.

Contrast these lies with the truth of walking in God’s light. This includes consistent obedience, confession of sin, and experiencing God’s forgiveness and cleansing. Embrace walking in God’s light and confessing sin in order to experience renewal and grace.

In summary, the key themes are overcoming lies we tell ourselves, embracing truth and grace, and walking in the light of God’s forgiveness and cleansing. Confess your sin and experience God’s cathartic cleansing and renewal of grace.



1 John 1:5-10, 1 John 5:13, James 5:16

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