This Is My Body

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What if your last meal with a loved one held secrets to understanding their mission, your identity, and your shared destiny? When Jesus gathered his disciples in an upper room in Jerusalem for what we now call the Last Supper, he transformed a Passover meal into something far more mysterious and meaningful.

In the breaking of bread and sharing of wine, Jesus revealed his impending sacrifice, initiated a new covenant with all believers, and promised the hope of being reunited with his followers in God’s coming kingdom. As we explore Christ’s final Passover meal, we discover profound truths that can change how we view ourselves, our Savior, and the future God intends for us.

  1. Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples before his death.
  2. During the meal, Jesus took bread and wine and told his disciples they represented his body and blood given for them.
  3. Jesus said his blood established a new covenant between God and his people.
  4. Jesus told his disciples he would not eat the meal with them again until the kingdom of God comes.
  5. Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn and went to the Mount of Olives after the meal.

As Jesus’ followers today, the Lord’s Supper is our invitation to experience the wonder of the new covenant through faith in Christ’s finished work. When we eat the bread and drink the cup, we proclaim our reliance on Jesus’ sacrifice that reconciles us to God, unites us to the global church, and ensures we will one day share in the feast of God’s eternal kingdom.

May this sacred meal remind us of who we are in Christ, deepen our love for God and others, and fill us with hope until the day our Lord returns and we will eat and drink with him once again.


Mark 14:12-25

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