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They’ll Grow Out of It

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Parenting can feel like one of the hardest jobs in the world. From toddler tantrums to teenage rebellion, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and wonder if your kids will just “grow out of” their issues. In the process of growing and maturing, you matter way more than you realize. Your example, love, and efforts build a foundation that lasts. This talk is a wake-up call against complacency and a challenge to invest in your child’s heart.

  • Kids are gifts to enjoy, not burdens to survive. The Bible says children are rewards, heritage, and arrows to aim.
  • Rules without relationship lead to rebellion and lost hearts. Connect first, then correct.
  • Don’t just control behavior; capture your kid’s heart. Speak truth in love, not anger. Apologize when you’re wrong.
  • Making disciples starts with modeling. Let kids see your faith and repentance.
  • Presence matters more than perfection. Don’t miss time together over the search for the perfect plan.
  • Grow yourself in Jesus first. You can’t give your kids what you don’t have. Make your faith a priority.

Parenting is tough but incredibly important. It’s a calling to pour into a child’s heart, not just boss them around. Biblical parenting starts with enjoying our kids as gifts, not burdens. Build connection and model a vibrant faith. Repent when you fail and rely on God’s strength. Don’t be passive, but actively grow their souls.

When you commit to parenting with purpose, your efforts will echo for generations to come. Though imperfect, you are called to point your kids to a perfect heavenly Father. So stay alert, fight for their hearts, and trust that your love and faith will make an eternal impact.


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