Their Heart Is Far From Me

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What lurks in the human heart? Behind a façade of religious devotion can lie a heart disconnected from God. Jesus confronted such religious hypocrisy among the Pharisees – respected leaders who zealously pursued religious traditions yet harbored sinful pride and self-righteousness. His sobering warning compels us to engage in heart-searching reflection: Could my heart also be far from God? Asking key questions can reveal the true state of our hearts.

  • Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for being hypocrites whose hearts are far from God, even though they follow religious traditions diligently.
  • Several questions can help us examine if our hearts are far from God:
    • Do you view yourself as better than others?
    • Do you emphasize tradition over God’s Word?
    • Do you focus on external obedience more than internal motivations?
    • Do you recognize your need to be cleansed by Christ?

Christ’s sacrifice provides the cleansing our hearts desperately need. When we repent and receive God’s forgiveness, he gives us new hearts that yearn to honor him. Let us leave behind prideful tradition-keeping that offers only the illusion of godliness. Instead, may our hearts be continually renewed by relying fully on God’s grace and seeking lives marked by Christlike humility, compassion and integrity. As Christ-followers, may our hearts remain ever near to God, overflowing with love for him and others.


Mark 7:1-23

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