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The Unchained Gospel

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 Behind the familiar phrases of “the hope of Israel” and the “gospel of Jesus Christ” lies a rich tapestry of events and experiences that have shaped our faith and the course of history. In the final chapter of Acts, we join Paul on his journey to Rome, where he faces trials and persecution but also finds unexpected community and the opportunity to share his message with those who may not have heard it before. As we delve into the text

  1. After being shipwrecked, Paul continues his journey to Rome accompanied by Luke and others. He encourages and is encouraged by the Christian community he encounters along the way. 
  2. Upon arriving in Rome, Paul meets with Jewish leaders and explains why he is there, proclaiming Jesus as the Christ foretold in the Old Testament. Some believe, while others do not.  
  3. Paul lives in Rome for two years, welcoming all who come to him and proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about Jesus with boldness and without hindrance.

As we reach the final verses of Acts, Luke leaves us with a cliffhanger, not knowing exactly what became of Paul but knowing that the mission continues. Despite hardships, setbacks, and even the threat of death, the gospel proved unstoppable in Paul’s day, transforming lives and eventually empires. Two thousand years later, we stand as heirs to this legacy of boldness embodied by Paul, who welcomed all to hear the message that had changed him. 

May we catch this vision for spreading the good news of Christ no matter the cost or barriers that confront us. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, let us resolve to keep the message of salvation central as we share our faith with courage, integrity and love. Our world desperately needs what only this gospel offers – forgiveness, purpose and hope everlasting. Will you carry this torch into your neighborhoods, workplaces and spheres of influence? The mission stretches before us…what part will you play?


Acts 28:11-31

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