The True Temple

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The temple in Jerusalem should have been a symbol of God’s presence among his people. Yet after centuries of waiting, the very structure they built to encounter God ended up pointing to something greater. Jesus came and redefined what it meant for God to dwell – not within walls of stone, but within us.

The true temple was not built by hands; it is the gathered body of Christ. When we submit to his word, worship in spirit and truth, and build each other up – that is when God’s Spirit dwells among us.

  1. God keeps his promises, but on his own time. The Israelites waited 480 years for God to fulfill his promise of a temple. God’s promises are not predictions, but guarantees of what he will do.
  2. The process of building the temple took 7 years to reflect the 7 days of Creation. The workers were careful and quiet as they built, showing reverence for God’s house.
  3. The centerpiece of the temple was the two cherubim guarding the ark of the covenant, which contained the Ten Commandments. This showed that God’s law and word were the most important priorities.
  4. Jesus is the true temple. When he came, he dwelt among us. He said his body was the temple, and now the gathered church is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Physical temples are no longer needed.
  5. The presence of God is among his people when they gather, worship and submit to his word. The church as a whole is a temple of the Holy Spirit. Each believer is part of building that temple.

The temple Jesus fulfilled in his own body now continues in the church. We are God’s dwelling place on earth, a community built around his word. Our challenge is to live like it – to embody God’s presence through love, obedience, and service. When the world sees us cherishing each other and caring for the marginalized, they see the temple of the living God in action.

Embrace the calling as God’s temple, remembering that through Christ, our place within the walls no longer matters – only the condition of our hearts as we build his kingdom together.


1 Kings 8:1-11

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