The Transcendence & Tenderness of God

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Living in this chaotic and anxious age, we all feel tempted to despair. The world seems to be falling apart as grass withers and flowers fade. But there is hope beyond what we see – a hope found in the one who made the world and who declares “Comfort, comfort my people.”

The eternal God comes near to renew our weary souls. As we behold both his transcendent might and tender compassion, we find the comfort and strength we so desperately need.

  1. We live in an age of anxiety and despair, but the answer is to turn our attention to God. Looking around or within will not help.
  2. God gives comfort to his people by forgiving their sins, coming near them, revealing his glory, and through his eternal word.
  3. Comfort comes from seeing God, who is both transcendent and tender. His mighty arm rules but he also gathers his people like a shepherd.
  4. God’s transcendence shows that the world is passing away, but his word stands forever. We should not put our hope in political leaders, they are like grass that withers.
  5. God’s tenderness renews our strength. Those who wait for the Lord will mount up with new wings. This new strength comes through Jesus, who became weary to renew our strength.
  6. Sometimes we just need grace to keep walking as God sustains us. Though we despair, God is coming again.

The renewing strength God offers does not simply top us off – it is an exchange of whole new power that enables us to soar, run and walk as he sustains us. In the cross of Jesus Christ, the weary one gives rest to the tired.

Will you receive this gift? Will you turn your eyes to the transcendent yet tender God and find in him the comfort, hope and renewed strength you need to endure and thrive in this anxious age?

The grass withers but the word of God stands forever – and the one who spoke it is coming again. Turn to him today, and let his strength be made perfect in your weakness.


Isaiah 40:29-31, Isaiah 40:9-11, Isaiah 40:8, Isaiah 40:1-2

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