The Spirit of Victory

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There is a nervousness about the future and our faith, hearing promises of no condemnation and no separation from God. We wonder how strong your faith will be through all life brings.

  1. God defines “good” differently than we do. We often see a painless life as good, but God sees conforming us into Christlikeness as good. Pain strips away assumptions and opens us to engage people differently.
  2. The Holy Spirit conforms us into Christ’s image. We have a new Leader – the Spirit leads us according to God, not the world.
  3. As heirs with Christ, we will suffer with Him to be glorified with Him. God assumes we’ll sacrifice for love, following Christ’s example of self-giving.
  4. Christ intercedes for us. Nothing will keep us from God’s love through Him. He fights our battles and conquers temptation with us.
  5. The Spirit witnesses that we are God’s children. We cry out “Abba, Father” through Him.

We hope through the Spirit we’ll hear God’s love and secure identity as His children. This will give us freedom to serve and sacrifice out of love. Hearing the Spirit’s witness over all else matters most. You are more than a conqueror through Christ empowering you.

The Holy Spirit conforms us to Christ, enabling our secure identity and mission of sacrifice. Pain strips away assumptions to transform us. Christ’s intercession and Spirit’s witness assure us of nothing separating us from God’s love.


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