The Sin Knot

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What truly makes an action a sin? Is it only what your church or religious doctrines label as sinful? Or does Jesus have a deeper wisdom on the nature of sin, one that gets to the heart of right and wrong?

Jesus defines sin in a radically different and life-changing way – not by a list of rules and prohibitions, but by how our actions impact real people. According to Jesus, “anything that harms you or others, whether it shows up on a sin list or not,” counts as sin.

  • Jesus is God’s Son and our King. His definition of sin matters most for followers of Jesus.
  • Jesus defined sin as anything that harms you or others, not just actions listed in the Bible.
  • If an action is not good for others, oneself, or a group of people, it should be avoided as it is sinful.
  • God is against sin because sin breaks people and hurts what He values most: people.

When we define sin as anything that harms human beings, we begin to see grace the way Jesus intended – not as permission to sin, but as power to love people well. So turn from sin today, and walk in the light of God’s grace and truth as revealed through Jesus Christ – who came to heal, restore and save all that is broken in this world, including you.


Matthew 23:23, Mark 2:27-28, Matthew 22:36-40

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