The Servant of God Brings Salvation

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There are moments in life when we struggle with doubt, confusion, and despair. We face our own brokenness and shortcomings, and wonder if God still has a purpose for us. Yet in the midst of these valleys, God’s message of grace still breaks through, calling us back to the truth of who he is.

A God driven not by our performance but by his desire to glorify himself through loving and redeeming sinners. God’s word speaks to our despair, showing us his unwavering commitment to save through the life and death of Jesus Christ.

  1. God’s ultimate motivation is his glory. God acts according to his character to bring in sinners and pour out grace, glorifying himself. His grace and salvation are good news for us.
  2. God’s servant, Jesus, will do what Israel could not do. Jesus fulfilled the righteous requirement of the law through his obedience, upholding God’s glory. It is by God’s grace, not our performance.
  3. God’s word has the last word. In our despair, we need God’s word to come in, shed light, and declare truth over us. God will never forget or abandon us.
  4. God is powerful to save. In our despair and doubt, we should put our faith in the God who can make his salvation extend to all nations.
  5. In conclusion, God loves us and is committed to upholding his glory through loving sinners and pouring out grace on them. We should put our faith in him.

God’s goodness, grace, and saving power revealed in Scripture moves us beyond simply knowing truth to living it out fully. The wonder of God’s love for each one of us – demonstrated on the cross and through his word – inspires gratitude and dedication in our lives.

Dedication to walking in obedience, sharing his love with others, and trusting him more fully each day. For the very God who spoke the universe into existence cares intimately for you, just as you are.

He pursues you with an all-consuming love, and wants nothing more than to lavish his grace upon you. So walk in that truth, and be transformed by it.


Isaiah 48:1-11, Isaiah 49:1-6, Exodus 33:6, Exodus 34:6

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