The Predictable In An Unpredictable World

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The church is facing challenges and needs to refocus on its mission. The speaker proposes going “Back to the Future” by looking at the early church in Acts 1-2 to rediscover who they were and their purpose.

Key Point 1: Jesus promised He will always be with the church

Jesus promised He will always be with the church. After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples for 40 days to prepare them. He told them the Holy Spirit would come and indwell them forever. Jesus said “I am with you always.” Jesus originated the church, not people. The church’s foundation is the resurrection of Christ.

Key Point 2: Jesus promised He will come back for the church

Jesus promised He will come back for the church. The disciples asked if Jesus would restore Israel at that time. Jesus said they wouldn’t know the timing but they had a task to accomplish first. Jesus ascended to Heaven and angels said He will return in the same way. God promises to gather His people to be with Him forever when the time is right.

Jesus gives the church these two promises: He is always with us and He is coming again for us. The church’s job is to trust God and follow Him. Then Jesus will bring us home.


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