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We Want A King: Life of Solomon

The Prayer God Loves To Answer

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Wisdom has the power to transform anyone’s life, giving them clarity on the best path forward and the skill to navigate difficulties with grace. Long ago, King Solomon asked God for one thing above all else: wisdom. His request pleased God so much that he granted Solomon not just wisdom, but also wealth and honor.

Solomon teaches us that we too should ask God for wisdom, a prayer that gets God’s attention. Seeking wisdom shows we’ve humbled ourselves and realized our desperate need for God’s guidance. In this message, we’ll explore why wisdom is so valuable and how we can go about asking God for more of it.

  1. We should pray for wisdom. This is a prayer that pleases God and gets His attention. Solomon modeled this by asking God for wisdom.
  2. We should pray for wisdom because:
    • God is generous and loves to give wisdom to His people.
    • God is faithful and we can trust Him to give us wisdom.
    • There is so much we don’t know and we need God’s wisdom.
    • People are counting on us and need our wisdom to lead and guide them well.
    • It pleases God when we ask for wisdom. He is eager to give us Jesus, who is the embodiment of wisdom.
  3. Wisdom is the skill of navigating life, especially difficult situations. It requires judgment, discernment and understanding.
  4. The author encourages listeners to regularly pray for God’s wisdom to navigate the challenges and decisions in their lives, like parenting, career, relationships and finances.

The wisdom God provides isn’t meant to remain locked away in our minds. It’s meant to overflow from us and touch the lives of others through our words, our choices and our actions.

As you go about your week, may you see each situation with the eyes of a wise person – eyes that discern what is truly valuable and important. May you have the courage to speak words that bring clarity and healing. And may you make choices that point others to the redemptive wisdom of Jesus Christ.

The next time you face a challenging decision or conversation, pause and pray: “God, give me wisdom beyond my own understanding. Help me to think clearly and act wisely in a way that honors you.” Wisdom has the power to change our lives – and the lives of all those we encounter. Pursue it, trusting that a wise God longs to bestow wisdom upon his children.


1 Kings 3

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