The Pains of Childbirth

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There are historical controversy of whether parts of the Bible should be cut out. In particular, portions of suffering that didn’t suit slave owners.

Although suffering is difficult and real, God’s perspective helps provide meaning. Productive pain can lead to growing character and hope. The Holy Spirit reminds you of God’s love through the pain.

We look forward to total renewal and redemption of your body, relationships and environment when Christ returns. The present suffering will not compare to the coming glory.

We are called to a hopeful waiting that includes work and preparation. Our hope is in a certain future promised by God, not in comparison to others’ lives. We wait with eagerness for Christ to make all things new.

The Holy Spirit assures us of God’s love and helps us become better at having biblical hope. Hope shapes you to be active, prayerful and expectant of the future God has promised.

We should see our present suffering in light of God’s perspective and the coming total renewal when Jesus returns. We are called to a hopeful yet active waiting as you anticipate the future glory that Christ has promised.


Romans 5:3-5, Romans 8:18-25, Genesis 3:16, James 4:14, Jeremiah 29:11

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