The Opposition

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Leading change is never easy. From the very start, opposition arises seeking to undermine your efforts and drag you back to the status quo. Sanballat and his allies sensed the threat posed by Nehemiah’s vision for rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. And so the taunts, doubts, and conspiracy began. Yet Nehemiah pressed on, knowing the stakes were high. For the future of God’s people hung in the balance.

This passage reveals the subtle but powerful ways opposition emerges anytime we dare to reform what is and move towards what could be. From angry emotions to spreading uncertainty, opposition aims to divide and confuse. But by prayerfully enduring even our closest critics, remembering God’s faithfulness, and continuing to fight for a better tomorrow, we can overcome.

  • Opposition and sabotage are normal parts of leading change. They must be overcome to have a better future.
  • Opposition often expresses negative emotions from the threat of something to lose.
  • Opposition sows diabolical doubt.
  • The opposition often has some truth to their criticism.
  • Over time, the opposition grows and conspires to create confusion.
  • Opposition moves from external to internal critics.
  • Opposition ramps up the threat level.

Ways to overcome opposition:

  1. Take it quickly to God in prayer, not to your critics.
  2. Get moving in the right direction.
  3. Be prayerful and practical.
  4. Endure even the most painful critics.
  5. Remember God’s faithfulness.
  6. Fight for a better future.

The opposition Nehemiah faced shows us that leading change is difficult but necessary work. When we seek to reform with God’s vision in mind, resistance will come. Yet as long as our eyes are fixed on the Lord’s past faithfulness and future hopes, we need not fear. For God is with us, empowering us to persevere through any opposition or sabotage.

The challenges we face now may feel overwhelming. But take courage – your efforts are not in vain. Future generations will inherit all you build through faith-filled sacrifice today. So let Nehemiah’s example inspire you to keep moving forward, trusting that God will enable victory over any force that rises up against His purposes. Dark days may come, but brighter days are ahead if we but remember the Lord and fight for a better tomorrow.


Nehemiah 4

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