The Name Above All Names

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The promise of Christ’s return should fill us with hope and compel us to reevaluate how we are living our lives today. Are we truly reflecting our identity as beloved children of God? There are changes we can make that will allow us to live now in the light of eternity.

In this message, we will explore how staying close to Christ and remembering God’s lavish love for us can transform not just our minds, but our very actions and attitudes. By embracing our true identity, we can begin living out the family resemblance as God’s children on earth.

  1. The reality of Christ’s second coming compels us to live out our identity as God’s children.
  2. We should abide in Christ for confidence. By staying close to Christ, who paid for our sins, we can have confidence when He returns.
  3. We should see and remember the amazing love of the Father. We should regularly remember who we are as children of God, adopted through Christ’s atoning sacrifice.
  4. We should live out the family resemblance. As God’s children, we should strive to live righteously and be purified, becoming more like Christ.
  5. Abiding in Christ and remembering our identity must come first, before we can live out the Christian life. The foundation matters.

To truly live as God’s children requires a foundation rooted in Christ alone. From that place of security and blessing, we can be transformed from the inside out. This truth ignites a new desire within you to embrace your true identity in Christ and allow that truth to propel you into a life of holiness, joy and purpose that reflects the very heart of your heavenly Father.

Draw near to Christ, remember your belovedness, and watch how your life begins to change as you live out your true identity as a child of God.

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