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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Giving is at the heart of Christmas. The season is marked by generosity, gifts, and goodwill towards others. But what if generosity could transform more than just one day a year? What if being known for extraordinary compassion and giving could actually change the world? That’s the radical idea at the heart of this message.

  1. The focus of the message is on generosity and the importance of being generous. They talk about how generosity started with God and Jesus, and how the early church was known for its generosity.
  2. They define generosity as “love in action” and say it requires trust in God, not money.
  3. They give three principles for being generous:
    • Priority giving: Make generosity a priority
    • Percentage giving: Base your giving on a percentage of your income, starting with at least 10%
    • Progressive giving: Increase your percentage of giving over time as God blesses you.
  4. They talk about how appetites for more stuff, status, and security can hinder generosity. But generosity can help overcome materialism.
  5. They discuss how being known for “outrageous generosity” could change the world, just like the early church did. This is the message of Christmas – God gave freely and generously.
  6. They bring up the issue of human trafficking happening locally, and how generosity and compassion could help fight this evil.

Generosity starts with a decision. A decision to put the needs of others before our own desires. As we apply the principles of priority giving, percentage giving and progressive giving, generosity will slowly reshape our hearts. We’ll become more aware of those around us who are in need. As we extend our compassion, we’ll catch a glimpse of how God sees the world – with love for all.

Let this Christmas season be the beginning. Choose to be outrageously generous. Give extraordinarily. Fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. You never know how far your gift might go, or how many lives it could change. Become a channel of grace. And let generosity transform not just one day – but the rest of your life.


John 3:16, Matthew 5:16, 1 Timothy 6:17-18, Luke 6:38

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