Sermon On the Mount

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Sermon On the Mount

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Sermon On the Mount

The Lord’s Prayer

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Want to transform your prayer life? Jesus provides the model in his famous Lord’s Prayer. Far more than a religious ritual, these words unlock the key to powerful, intimate connection with God. This prayer outlines how to have genuine, two-way conversation with our Creator.

By praising God for who He is, boldly bringing Him our needs, receiving and extending forgiveness, and depending on His help to live righteously, we open ourselves to relationship with Him. Following Christ’s example, our prayers become less about impressing others and more about encountering the incredible love of our Father.

  • We start by praising God – focusing on who He is and giving Him glory.
  • Then we make bold requests about our needs and desires, while submitting to God’s will.
  • We admit our sins, receive forgiveness, and extend forgiveness to others.
  • Finally, we yield to God, asking for help to avoid temptation and pursue righteousness.
  • Doing this privately shows our faith is real, not about impressing others.
  • Jesus balances relating to God as both Father and King – loving us yet worthy of full honor.
  • Prayer works through Christ’s death for us – we’re sinful but loved enough for Him to gladly die in our place.

The Lord’s Prayer gives us a framework to connect with God in a life-changing way. Following Jesus’ model, we praise God’s greatness, bring Him our requests, receive and give forgiveness, and depend on Him to help us live righteously. Through prayer, we experience deep relationship with our Father and King. This transforms us as we embrace Christ’s love shown in His sacrifice for us.


Matthew 6:11

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