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Cross Culture

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The Logos of the Cross

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All churches have a culture, whether they realize it or not. This church’s culture has been compromised by consumerism – with members acting more like customers seeking religious products than contributors to God’s mission. Left unaddressed, this would divide and weaken us.

But God has given us a clear vision and path forward in embracing the cross. The same cross that saved us also defines how we operate as a church family. By taking on the mindset and methods of the crucified Christ, we will become a unified, unstoppable force for reaching our community and world with the good news.

Embodying Jesus’ sacrificial example will require some bold changes in the year ahead. But they will unleash spiritual power, elevate our gospel mission, and help us spread God’s love to the end of the earth – starting with the neighbors right next door.

  • The church has adopted a culture of consumerism, where members act as customers seeking religious products rather than contributors to the mission. This divides and weakens the church.
  • The cross provides not just salvation, but the mindset and method for the church. Operating by any other logic divides the church.
  • Embracing the logic of the cross unifies the church by crucifying selfish attitudes. It elevates the mission of spreading the gospel as most important. And it unleashes the power of God’s love to the world.
  • Practical initiatives for the church this year include: asking all members to serve somewhere, starting a Bible college in Uganda, adopting an unreached people group, and equipping all members for gospel conversations with neighbors.

The call of the cross compels us – it cannot be ignored. Jesus gave everything to rescue humanity, exemplifying selfless love. Now He calls us as His church to that same level of sacrifice and commitment in spreading this gracious redemption worldwide.

What we’ve covered today makes clear that business as usual will not suffice. Spiritual consumerism has sidelined too many from joining in God’s mission for too long. The cross transforms us from passive spectators into active participants in declaring and demonstrating the good news.

We stand at a pivotal moment as a church family – with great potential and great responsibility before us. As we step forward in unity and lay down selfish desires, embracing the servant mindset of our Savior, we will see the power of God unleashed through us.

Let us leave today with renewed passion, fully abandoning ourselves to the call Christ placed on our lives. And let our community and world never be the same.


1 Corinthians 1:18

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