The Hour Has Come

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This passage reveals important truths about God’s sovereignty, human weakness, and Christ’s faithfulness as Jesus faces betrayal and death on the cross. Though evil seems triumphant, God is in control, orchestrating events according to His divine plan.

  • God is in control of Jesus’ crucifixion. It is part of His plan.
  • Jesus’ disciples are weak. They fall asleep when Jesus asks them to stay awake and pray.
  • Jesus remains faithful to God’s will, even though He is in agony about His coming crucifixion.

Despite the disciples’ repeated failure and his own agonizing sorrow, Jesus submits to the Father’s will with steadfast faithfulness. His perfection highlights our imperfection, and his sacrifice provides atonement for our sin. Let us therefore trust wholly in Christ, who accomplished what we could not.


Mark 14:26-42

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