The Heart of Good News

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The story of Jesus Christ is the greatest story ever told. It has inspired countless works of art, music and literature for over 2,000 years. Why does the story of this obscure Jewish carpenter still capture our imagination today? What did he say and do that changed the course of human history forever?

In Isaiah 53, we find an astonishing prophecy written hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth that foretells his coming in vivid detail. We’ll see a portrait emerge of a Messiah who is utterly unique – both exalted King and suffering servant. A Savior whose sacrificial love can free us from the exile of sin. This passage contains the heart of the gospel message that has transformed millions.

W ediscover the news of Jesus, the uniqueness of Jesus, the love of Jesus, the substitution of Jesus and the victory of Jesus. My prayer is that God would open our eyes to see the beauty and wonder of who he is and what he has done for us through his Son. Whether you are hearing this for the first or hundredth time, I pray your heart would be moved to worship the One who left heaven’s throne for you.

  1. The news of Jesus – The message of Christianity is ultimately good news that God reigns and has made salvation possible through Jesus.
  2. The uniqueness of Jesus – Jesus is uniquely both exalted and afflicted. He is at the same time lion and lamb, glorified and suffering.
  3. The love of Jesus – Jesus voluntarily took on our sins, griefs and sorrows out of love. He willingly laid down his life as a sacrifice for us.
  4. The substitution of Jesus – Jesus’ death was a substitutionary sacrifice. He took our place, bearing our punishment and dying in our place for our sins.
  5. The victory of Jesus – Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates his victory over sin and death. Through faith in him, we are counted as righteous and he intercedes for us.

What an incredible gift we’ve been given in Christ! His perfect life, sacrificial death and conquering resurrection provide everything we need for salvation, joy and purpose. All we must do is repent and believe.

If you have not yet surrendered your life to following Jesus, don’t delay any longer. His loving arms are open wide for you. Turn from sin, lay down your burdens and receive his rest. You were made for so much more than chasing the things of this world that will never satisfy.

Never lose our wonder at the cross. Let praise and gratitude overflow for the mercy we’ve been shown. May the love that has saved us compel us to go share the hope we have with others still lost in darkness. He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?


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