The Greatest

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In Mark chapter 9, we learn a new way to think about being great. Usually, people think being the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) means being like famous athletes or celebrities. But Jesus shows us something different.

He saw his disciples arguing about who was the greatest among them. This is a common thing; people often want to be seen as better than others. But Jesus told them that being great isn’t about being first or most important. Instead, it’s about being humble, putting others first, and helping those who are often overlooked, like children or people who aren’t strong or powerful.

Jesus taught that real greatness comes from serving others, not from being famous or powerful. He showed this in his own life, especially when he died and came back to life, which was the greatest act of love and service.

  • People often argue about who is the greatest, similar to the disciples’ debate. This shows our natural desire to be seen as better than others.
  • Jesus introduces a different idea of greatness. He says true greatness comes from being humble and serving others, not from being the most famous or powerful.
  • He teaches that if you want to be great, you should aim to be like a servant, helping those who are often ignored or seen as less important.
  • Jesus also talks about working together and helping each other instead of just trying to be the best individually.
  • His own life, especially his death and resurrection, is the ultimate example of serving others and shows what real greatness is.

Think differently about what it means to be great. Instead of trying to be better than others, we should focus on helping and serving them. This is what Jesus did, and he is the ultimate example of true greatness. By living this way, we can make the world a better place, where people care for each other and work together.


Mark 9:35

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