The God Encounter That Reveals Your Purpose

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When the foundations of our lives shake, an encounter with God is the only way to rebuild on a sure foundation. Isaiah found himself in a place of despair after witnessing the fall of a great king. But in that moment of darkness, he had an astonishing encounter with the King of kings that forever changed the trajectory of his life and his story.

If you feel as though you’re going through the motions without meaning or purpose, there is hope- if you are willing to have an encounter with God that will light your path forward.

When Isaiah found himself at his lowest point, devastated by the death of King Uzziah, he never could have imagined the life-changing encounter that awaited him. In his darkest hour, the Lord came to Isaiah and transformed his pain into purpose, his guilt into mission, and his despair into destiny.

Isaiah’s experience shows us that in our moments of deepest struggle, God desires to meet with us and reveal himself in new ways. Through the lens of our struggles, we can catch a glimpse of his glory that spreads beyond our circumstances. And as we encounter him, we gain clarity of vision to see ourselves as he made us – with an assignment tailored to our unique gifts and talents.

  1. Our greatest pains can become our greatest gains. Isaiah found new purpose after experiencing King Uzziah’s death. Even the deepest struggles can open us up to new insight and direction from God.
  2. Seeing God clearly allows us to see ourselves clearly. Isaiah saw himself as unworthy until an encounter with God changed his view of himself and gave him a sense of purpose and identity.
  3. God removes our past to redeem our future. Isaiah’s encounter meant his guilt was removed so he could find his assignment and purpose from God. His past no longer defined him.
  4. After encountering God, we gain an assignment tailored perfectly for us. We discover the purpose God has for us, rather than deciding it ourselves. Our perspective and sense of destiny are renewed.
  5. The conclusion urges the readers to lay down their burdens and allow God to reshape their stories and build them upon the solid foundation of an encounter with God. Their greatest days are still ahead.

After encountering God, Isaiah gained a fresh perspective and keen sense of the assignment the Lord had for him. And like Isaiah, when we step into God’s presence, we realize our true purpose was sculpted within us long before our struggles began. Our past no longer defines us – it has been redeemed to strengthen us for the mission ahead.

Don’t live another day trying to make sense of life on your own. Lay down your burdens at the feet of the King and allow Him to reshape your story into something beautiful for His glory and the good of others. Your greatest days are just beginning, built upon the solid foundation that only an encounter with God can provide.

The time for change is now. Will you finally pick up your assignment and step into the purpose you were created for? Will you trust the One who sees the masterpiece within the mess of your life? The pain you’ve endured has prepared you for a purpose greater than you can imagine.

It’s time to arise from the ashes of your struggles and shine forth the light only you can bring into this world. Don’t leave your assignment unfulfilled or your destiny undiscovered. The journey from pain to purpose begins when you encounter the King.


Isaiah 6:1, Isaiah 30:21, Romans 8:28

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