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Big Problems Bigger God

The Glory Of God

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Life can often feel like an endless stream of bad news. Everyday we check our phones only to find yet another problem – a global pandemic spreading, economic turbulence, social unrest, and uncertainty all around us. It seems no place is safe from trouble.

But into this dim scene, the prophet Isaiah speaks words of comfort and hope: “Comfort, comfort my people,” says your God. A voice cries out, “prepare the way for the Lord!” For though problems abound, an almighty God who pardons, reveals his glory, and stands forever also exists.

  1. Problems are coming. The text acknowledges that there will be difficulties, troubles and problems in life. Jesus said there will be trouble in this world and the Bible says there will be terrible times. But God is bigger than the problems.
  2. God comforts. The text says God comforts his people in a covenantal, abundant, tender and decisive way. He comforts them with his presence and reassurance.
  3. God pardons. The first message of comfort God gives is that he forgives their sins. Their warfare with God is ended and their sins are pardoned through Christ.
  4. God shows his glory. God comes as a king to reveal his glory. His weightiness and significance dispel the problems and difficulties people face.
  5. God stands forever. While humans are like withering grass, God’s word endures forever. Though problems are real, God is bigger and he stands the test of time.

The good news for those weary from troubles is that an all-powerful God comforts us. His pardon and forgiveness are full and complete. Though humans are like fading flowers, God’s word – and his promises in Christ – endure. Nothing can stop God from revealing his glorious salvation. Will you put your trust in this great God today rather than in the fleeting things of this world? Will you lay down your worries at his feet and receive his loving comfort?

The problems around you and within you are indeed heavy, but an even heavier hope rests in our faithful God. He invites you to cast all your cares on him and find rest for your soul. May his glory and greatness reshape your perspective as you walk by faith, not by sight.


Isaiah 40:1-8

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