The End Is Near

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Imagine that the world is ending soon. How prepared would you be? Most people are not ready for big endings in life, whether it be high school, retirement, or death. However, the greatest ending of all will be when the world ends as we know it.

We Are Insiders

We have inside information about the future end times through what God told the prophets and apostles in the Bible. The Bible has accurately predicted many things that have come to pass.

There Are Doubters

Many people doubt that Jesus will actually return or that the world will end. They say Christians have been claiming it is near for a long time with no results.

God Is Being Patient

The reason the end has not come yet is that God is eternal and outside of time, and He is merciful. He wants more people to have time to repent and be saved before judgment comes.

The coming end should change our lives now. We should look forward to the new creation, resolve conflicts, turn from sin, and hurry the end along by praying for Jesus to return. The end is nearer than we think and we must be ready.


2 Peter 3:1-13, Genesis 6:5-17

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