The Confession

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We all have an innate desire to understand our origins – where we came from and how we got here. Family histories and origin stories give context and meaning. But how honest are most family narratives? Do they showcase both triumphs and failures, or mainly just curate the highlights?

The story of God’s people in the book of Nehemiah is refreshingly candid – it holds nothing back, unafraid to show both their faithfulness and unfaithfulness to God over time.

As we’ll see today, this passage presents an x-ray of the human condition, revealing both how good God is and yet how far we fall short. It ultimately points to the need for deep, transformational change within each of us – a change that can only come through owning our sins before God and finding cleansing in His mercy.

Deep renewal requires honest confession. To experience revival, we need to confess our sins openly and agree with God about our sinful nature.

  • God is faithful, covenant-keeping, gracious, merciful, patient, forgiving, and abounding in love. He is better than we think.
  • The people are as unfaithful, disobedient, presumptuous, stiff-necked, idolatrous, blasphemous, rebellious, disregarding God’s word, and wicked/evil. We are worse than we think.
  • We have 3 options – deny our sin, try to fix ourselves, or confess openly to God. Only through confession do we find cleansing and renewal.

The choice before each of us is clear – live in denial of our sin, or honestly confess our need for God’s grace. Deep down we know the truth of who we are apart from Christ. But take heart – the same God who sees our sins also delights to forgive. He is always waiting with open arms to cleanse and renew all who come to Him. Will you accept His gift of mercy today?

This could mark the start of a journey of continual revival in your life, as with daily confession you experience His power to progressively transform you from the inside out. None of us have arrived, but together let us spur each other on to renewed faithfulness. God promises that as we walk in confession and obedience, He will finish the good work He began in us.


Nehemiah 9

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