The Concubine

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The passage in Judges 19 depicts extreme darkness and evil as a woman is brutally raped and murdered. While Israel’s response only results in more sin, this story reveals humanity’s sinful nature as we tend to do what is right in our own eyes rather than follow God. Only through Jesus Christ, who satisfies God’s justice and offers grace through His atoning sacrifice, can there be any hope.

  • The passage depicts horrific evil, showing how far Israel has fallen as sin becomes normal
  • All the characters are evil in some way, revealing that sin lives within all of us
  • Israel’s response to the evil only results in more sin and injustice as they fail to follow God
  • Only the promised King, Jesus Christ, who offers both justice through His death and grace through faith in Him, can offer any hope for Israel and for us
  • Though God grieves the evil, His patience and grace point to Jesus as the propitiation for sin
  • Anyone who places their faith in Jesus receives justification by God’s grace as a gift

In Jesus Christ, there is both justice for sin and grace for sinners. That is the only hope found within this dark story.


Judges 17:1-13, Genesis 3:6, Romans 1, Romans 3:21-26

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