The Coming Kingdom

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The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem powerfully symbolizes his identity as both conquering king and sacrificial lamb. Though cheered by adoring crowds, his path led inexorably to the cross. Yet this was not the end – he rose and will return again in glory. How we respond to Jesus now determines our readiness for that day.

  • Jesus is both the lion and the lamb. As the lion, he is the sovereign king who orchestrates events and accepts the praise and worship of the crowds. As the lamb, he humbly enters Jerusalem on a donkey and will be sacrificed.
  • Jesus is both the alpha and the omega. As the alpha, he has no beginning, but has existed eternally as the Son of God. As the omega, his story does not end with his death, but he will return again as conquering king.
  • People need to be ready for Jesus’ second coming, when he will return as conquering king and judge. They can do this by trusting in him as both lion and lamb – their powerful yet merciful king.

Jesus came first as a lamb, sacrificing himself for us. But he is returning as a lion, in power and glory, as conquering king. Are you ready? You can be, by submitting yourself fully to him – the powerful, merciful king who gave everything to save you. Trust in him today.


Mark 11:1-11

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